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Economics Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 4

Economics - Research Paper ExampleUndeniably, information credentials has evolved to be as significant to contemporary organizations as the security of perceptible material resources. It is not surprising that the quickly increasing body of research dwells on issues of information security. Research should focus largely on the technical dynamics of the testimonial of information in computer-based systems through encryption, hardw be controls as well as software and data controls. The behavioral dynamics associated with the prevention breaches in information security have attracted a lot of attention in the recent times among researchers. Conversely, there has been very little attention towards addressing the economic aspects of information security in particular with the magnitude of resources that have been directed to improve information management by organizations, what these organizations require is a framework that will assist in deriving best levels of spending on informat ion security. Economic perspectives typically recognize that even though some degree of investment in information security is noble, surplus security is not always worth the associated costs (Bidgoli, 2006). Therefore, it is important to consider the manner in which vulnerabilities of information as well as losses that are linked to the pic impact the ideal amount of resources that are supposed to be directed to making information secure.For a wide variety of luck functions in regards to security breach, the ideal amount that should spent on information security is a rising function based in the degree of the vulnerability of the information. However, in some cases, the ideal amount to spend on security of information initially increases and later declines with similar degrees of vulnerability of information (Rao & Upadhyaya, 2009). The managers who are creditworthy for allocation of information security budgets should typically concentrate that is categorized in the mid-range of

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Organizational Structure Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 5

Organizational Structure Paper - Essay ExampleDespite the fact that they castrate from one structure to another depending on the organisational objectives, organizational structures determine the particular modes involving the act and performance of an organization. Considering the significant role played by organizational structures in determining the achievement of organizational objectives, this paper discusses IBMs organizational structure and the various aspects attributed to it.Organizational structure has two major roles in an organization, in which it provides the foundational structure for establishing the standard operating procedures and routines and how particular individuals get to participate in the decision-making process in an extent of their view to shape the organization in a particular manner (Cordes, 2003). In such, organizational structure allows for the expressed allocation of duties and responsibilities for further actions based on functions and processes to different entities within the organization such as departments, groups, or even to individuals. A particular organizational structure used by an organization determines the organizations success or failure.Different organizational structures exist for an organization to adopt and implement, depending on the objectives of a particular organization. IBM Inc. on its part works with a matrix organizational structure, which has both a running(a) and divisional aspects all incorporated into the organizations operations. As such the functional aspects involves the grouping of individuals depending on their expertise, resources, and experiences to perform specialized tasks, whereas the divisional aspect involves divisions of operation such as product lines and markets, all channeled towards meeting IBMs goals and objectives (Massa, 1993). Previously, IBM had a flat organizational structure, with little distinction between the executives and the lower-level employees.The matrix organizatio nal

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Exam Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Exam - Assignment ExampleEntrepreneurship involves implementation of alternative ideas to develop a business venture which is paying (Chapman, 2012). An entrepreneur should be equal to(p) to conceive alternative ideas from time to time. Since opportunities are available for a specific period, entrepreneurs should be able to implement the approximately paid alternatives and will vary as situations vary. Therefore, before any investment is undertaken, an entrepreneur should be able to regulate all available alternatives and then select the most viable from the available alternatives.Innovation results to efficiency in production both in terms of time saving and resource utilization (EMAP Ltd. 2010.) Skilled and creative individuals stir different alternatives of producing commodities. They will apply the most effective approach in each situation thereby resulting to effective utilization of resources. For example, utilization of machine-driven teller machine (ATM) in the banking system has resulted to development in the number of transactions completed in a day. This has resulted to a tremendous growth of the banking assiduity across the globe.Quality improvement results from efficient in utilization of resources. To obtain excellent quality, the producers have to utilize current technology (EMAP Ltd, 2010). Excellent quality products have minimal rejects and utilize all available resources effectively. Due to decline in waste as a result of excellent quality product, the producers are able to gain more from their production activities. For example, hospital offering excellent medical services will have minimal legal cases and will also increase their clients hence increase in productivity.An excellent drawing card should establish a team through whom they will be working together. A team leader should be someone who can be able to coordinate all the members to achieve desired results (Team Building Leadership,

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To make argument about your own academic experience to an academic Term Paper

To make argument about your own academic experience to an academic audiene - Term composition ExampleIdeal may differ from person to person. Something which is conceptionl to me may not be ideal to others and vice versa. During my management I did my specialization in marketing. Lot of people did their specialization in pay. I think marketing as a subject/course is more ideal than a finance. earlier discussing why marketing is more ideal than finance lets first understand what does an ideal college experience means. An ideal college experience means an experience in discovery. It spate be related to a take aparticular subject or also personal discovery of self. So an ideal course can be impertinently ship canal of learning, learning new values, learning new slipway of solving a problem or addressing an issue. It is not mere reading a book, retention a subject and then writing the same in the exam. It is about applying your knowledge and tools to think critically. It is about handling different situations in different ways and finding solutions for all kind of problems Marketing as a subject has got very little to do with theories and concepts. Yes, theories and concepts are important only when not from a reading or remembering point of view but from the point of applying it in day to day life. Marketing is about thinking and applying the concept learns during the berate to handle tricky situation. It is about creating different, new and innovative methods to sell you product or inspection and repairs. It is about creating ideas and strategies. ... That is something a student needs to decide. This is where a student is unfeignedly tested as in how good is his ability to think and rationalize. Advertisement is a part of marketing. Creating an ad for a particular product or service is a challenging job. That is where the analytical skills of a student is tested. You can judge how creative a student is. Marketing research is also a part of marketing whe re a student analytical skill is tested. Marketing has got to do with lot of group activities. Where a students learns how to work in a team. He learns the ways to respect you superior and work with you subordinate. Finance on the other hand involves more of theories than mulish. Lot of reading is involved in finance. You need to be everlasting(a) in the concepts and you need to remember lot of definition. Practical knowledge and activities are very less in finance. Calculation and analytics are important elements of finance but other than that not a lot of all round skills of student is tested in finance. Further finance has got to with numbers and application of numbers. But when it comes to practical application of finance it definitely is bare minimum. Finance is a very important department in corporate and is essential for any organization. But in studies it has very little do when it comes to group work or applying it in practical purpose. It is mostly theories and concepts and less of practical, creativity and inter-personal skills. Finance is far from being an idea subject because it is one dimensional and does not focus on most of the skills that a student needs to develop. So when you compare a marketing and finance as a subject you will agree to the fact that marketing

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The Hope Athena Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

The Hope Athena - Essay ExampleAlthough Athena was a Greek goddess, the Romans adopted her as one of their own, renaming her Minerva and adopting many of the legends regarding her and her abilities. Her importance to her new society can be seen in the intricate detail of the copyist to tarry true to the Greek original.Athena was a very powerful Greek goddess who epitomized everything the Greeks admired, intellect, wisdom, bearing, courage, strategy and more. With a battle cry that resounded through the kingdom of heaven and earth, she springs from the power point of Zeus. She is one of the most powerful forces on Mount Olympus, representing war and the immortal spirit of wisdom. Athena embodies the matriarchal goddess, a complex figure of internal lastingness and reflection. She is a powerful source of interpretation for the idea of the goddess as a balance between nature and humanity (Ortengren, 1998). As a goddess of military strength and protection, she is often depicted in ba ttle, such as in the scenes featured on the Parthenon, or ready for battle. The statue the Hope Athena is believed to be modeled later is believed to have once held a spear in her one hand and a Nike, a winged personification of victory, in the other (Lansberry, 2005).Experiencing the statue in person does little to solve the mystery of her handheld iconography. The details of what the Hope Athena might have held can only be conjecture as one of the first things noticed about her is the fact that she is missing her arms. The scars marking where they once were do suggest that one hand was held out in apparent movement of her, as if holding something in the palm of her hand, and one arm might have been stretched to the side somewhat, as it would have been if holding a long spear. at that place is another evident damage to the statue as well.

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Celiac's Disease Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Celiacs Disease - Essay ExampleThe incidence of auto immune disorders in the general US population is 3.5 % (The University of lettuce Celiac Disease Center 2). As per some well informed estimates, nearly 3 million Americans suffer from coeliac indisposition. An average healthy mortal in the US has roughly 1 in 133 chances of being affected by this disorder. Persons having a first-degree or second-degree relative suffering from celiac disease do often have a more then average probability of being affected by this disease. Most of the patients suffering from celiac disease suffer related complications owing to a delayed diagnosis. Thus an early diagnosis of celiac disease is very important as this may substantially centre the risk of developing further complications (The University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center 2).Though the etiology of celiac disease has not conclusively been established gutter date, environmental, immunologic and genetic factors have been found to be signif icant contributors to the disease. The most prominent environmental factor is the association of this disease with gluten. Not only does gluten bar plays a central role in the treatment of this disease, but the insertion of gluten in the normal appearing rectum and distal ileum of the affected patients results in discernable geomorphologic changes (Kasper, et al. 1771). An immunologic component to this disease is strongly suspected because of the presence of serum antibodies- IgA antigliadin, IgA antiendomysial and IgA anti-tissue transglutaminase (tTg) (Kasper et al. 1771) in the affected patients. Also the patients treated with prednisolone have been found to respond favorably. A genetic factor is certainly associated with this order, since the Caucasians have been found to have a higher prevalence of celiac disease as compared to blacks and Asians (Kasper et al. 1771).Though the symptoms of celiac disease may vary from patient to patient, the common symptoms may involvebloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, discolored teeth or loss of enamel, joint pain, significant unexplained weight loss, delayed growth, fractures or thin bones, bulky or loose stools, fatigue, tingling or numbness in the limbs, canker sores, irritability or behavior changes, poor weight gain and missed menstrual periods (National Foundation for Celiac Awareness). Illnesses likeAnemia, depression, Type I diabetes, Sjogrens syndrome, dermatitis herpetiformis, infertility, IBS, peripheral neuropathy, Turner Syndrome, osteoporosis, thyroid disease, new-fangled idiopathic arthritis, intestinal cancer, Down syndrome, Williams syndrome, may also be linked to celiac disease (National Foundation for Celiac Awareness).The most credible way of examine celiac sprue is a small intestine biopsy. A biopsy should unexceptionally be performed on the patients exhibiting distinct symptoms of celiac disease, like nutrient deficiency and malabsorption (Kasper et al. 1772). Many a times the patie nts suffering from celiac disease fail to exhibit any distinct or conspicuous symptoms of this malady. In the recent years, the incidence of asymptomatic cases of celiac disease has been on the rise (Craig et al 1). Thus it is imperative for a

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Master of Science in Integrated Marketing - Statement of Purpose Personal

Master of Science in Integrated Marketing - of Purpose - Personal Statement showcaseThe limited experience I have gained as a marketer has shown me that I belong to the profession. I find it exciting, fulfilling, and challenging therefore, a graduate form in the discipline occurs to me almost by default.As an aspiring marketer, I have taken the initiative to be more competitive and marketable so long as I still seek personal and professional contentment. Marketing is one of the oldest aspects of modern business, and the opportunities are endless. Marketing is also one of the most lucrative professions, but I am aware that higher perks are commensurate with schoolman and professional competence. I am quite ambitious and impelled individual, and I would not like to see other marketers grow while I struggle with my undergraduate degree. During my time as an intern, I witnessed the power of academic qualifications at play. In all the organizations I worked the managers held graduate degrees in their areas of specialization. The marketing managers possessed either a great deal of professional experience or had advanced certifications in marketing. This showed me that my festering as a marketer depends on how excellently I position myself.I have learned that professional growth resembles marketing in many ways. Like the products I market, I have to reinvent myself, excellently position myself, become visible, and prove that I am the vanquish option available. The graduate degree in marketing is part of my positioning statement, marketing pitch, and competitive advantage. I am positive that by the time I complete the program I will be strategically positioned to exploit the opportunities and benefits created by my advanced degree. Marketing has become more competitive over time, and employers have also revised their strategies of hiring and recruiting marketing practitioners (Baaghil 25). Professional qualifications are no longer the main requirement for excelli ng in the field of